Logo design
Does your logo work?

We can assess if your logo:

  • Is legible and easy-to-read
  • Is ​relevant to your customers
  • ​Has a long shelf-life
See if your logo works with our free logo rating:
How do you get your logo to fit in — while also standing out?
Does your logo work?
We can assess if your logo:
  • Is legible and easy-to-read
  • ​Is ​relevant to your customers
  • ​​Has a long shelf-life
See if your logo works with our free logo rating:
How do you get your logo to fit in —while also standing out?
The six requirements for a logo that works:
Your customer needs to understand your logo; it needs to make sense for your business. If the customer is confused or has to decipher your logo, it is not working. Make sure your logo is clear with legible text and fonts.
If it works on a business card, it needs to work on a billboard, too. It’s important for a logo to work on every medium in both print and digital. Big or small, your logo has to work on every channel.
From print advertisements to television commercials, your logo will be in front of potential customers everywhere. It must adapt for the design elements it shares an advertisement with.
Clunky design and clashing colors make customers feel uneasy about your business; they may even question your authority. When design elements balance and take control of the customers’ eye movements, your logo creates harmony.
Your brand is associated with your logo, and it can’t change with every new trend in the market. Your logo works if it can stand the test of time. Will your current logo be out of date in the next two years? It could be. You need a logo that lasts.
Your logo should match your business. If your logo sends a contradictory message from your business, it will clash in customers’ minds. Your logo works when it matches your company goals and resonates with your target audience.
Curious how your logo ranks in all of these categories?
Find out how well your logo is working.
We will create a written assessment of your current logo that will determine if your logo meets the 6 Requirements of an Effective Logo.
We objectively assess how your logo ranks on:
  • Clarity
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Harmony
  • Longevity
  • Relevancy
Get your professional logo from real people.
You deserve a professional logo designed by real people who you can actually talk to. You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope you’ll find the right logo after digging through a list of logos from freelance designers from all over the world. 

Don’t just hope you get a logo that works; get a logo guaranteed to work.
  • Get your professional logo designs from real people.
  • Talk to us! We think teamwork and collaboration get the best results.
  • ​We design your logo through a multi-step process to craft you the perfect logo that works.
We can start by assessing the logo you currently have:

Three steps to get an effective logo:
The Design Phase: Our team of professionals design your different logo variations. You review and select the best aspects from the options. We intentionally send these beginning proposals in black and white. The purpose of this stage is to find the right design structure. If your logo works in black and white, it will work in color.
The Editing Phase: The team follows your notes and selections from the first stage and creates new polished logos in color. The logo design process is completed through teamwork. We work with you to bring your vision to life.
The Polishing Phase: After the first two rounds of edits, the design is on its way to perfection. You decide which logo variation you like best. We’ll provide the logo in every file format for print and digital. For your convenience, we provide color swatches from your logo so you can use them for any internal branding.
Better logo.
Better business.
Our client, Home Builders Association of Central Tennessee (HBACT), needed to re-brand, which included a new name. A new name meant a new logo. We used the six requirements for a working logo and presented it to HBACT. They fell in love, and now, the logo helps uphold the brand as a leader in the industry.
Exchange Media Group has built, designed and maintained websites for several of our restaurants. They also provide reputation management services for our restaurants. Exchange Media Group’s team members are extremely skilled and their customer service is exceptional. Their company-wide commitment to the customer makes it a pleasure to do business. I unhesitatingly recommend Exchange Media Group. 

- David Martin

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